PSA: Amazon will delete your personally uploaded mp3s (unless you take action)

Google is more famous for letting you upload up to 10,000 of your own songs and merge them with your own Google Music digital purchases AND the Google Music subscription (if subscribed). But Amazon has a similar feature, but it won’t be having it after April 30 in 2018.

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Unboxing the Sony WH-CH700N Bluetooth and ANC headphones

I am still trying to iron out how to organize “headphone reviews” but in the meantime, we have another one of our customary “text and pictures unboxing”. This time it is the Sony WH-CH700N headphone, a bluetooth and ANC combo, with 3.5mm playback as well…

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Unboxing the Brainwavz Memory Foam Earpads

On its face, unboxing may sound like a goofy thing. However, it is the most objective part of a review, and it can help people who are interested in knowing exactly what they are getting when they buy something. It can also be helpful to people buying used, so they can compare what’s offered versus what the new condition product would include…

Which brings us to our customary “text and pictures unboxing” of the Brainwavz Audio Earpads, of the memory foam kind. I bought these while they were on lightning deal, while posting the Gold Box round-up on our deals blog. The ones you see below are the brown color scheme.

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Buyer Beware: Elevation Labs counterfeits on Amazon

The founder of Elevation Labs raised the alarm on the company’s official blog. Counterfeiters have been making (imperfect) copies of their flagship “The Anchor” under the desk headphone hanger product and undercutting them slightly on price, so the average non-power-user customer buying them on Amazon is more likely to buy the counterfeit because Amazon puts the lower price in the featured spot on the main product page.

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