This Week In Headphoolia #24 (up to 8/5/17)

With IFA looming large on the horizon now, we have a new edition of This Week in Headphoolia, a semi-humorous attempt to round up some of the action in the world of headphones…

Just like the last few weeks, things are grouped by product type instead of medium. But videos will be easily pointed out for those reading at work or prefer text…


Archimago is back with Part #2 of their measurements post on the SMSL A6 running as a DAC. [as a refresher, here is Part #1]

+ Gary Shanling M2S DAP review at Headfonia

+ QLS QA730U converter video review by AORNIC (11 mins)

+ Hifiman Mega Mini DAP review at Headfonia

+ NuPrime Audio’s uDSD review at Headfonics

+ Vorguze’s VorzAMPduo II reviewed at Headfonics
+ memorize the name, it will be on the Audiophile Spelling Bee contest!

I can’t fit this in the other categories, so this one is the closest match, in a new 10 minute video PhotoTristan talks various lossless audio formats.

PS: Okay, there are no ducks here, just checking to see who’s paying attention 🙂


Earphones covers IEMs, earbuds, and things that are either in-between or around the edges of this category. Thus side-stepping categorization debates and filibusters 🙂

+ Beyerdynamic Xelento reviewed by the resident headphone reviewer at the Verge

+ Noble Audio’s Djiango reviewed at Headphone List

+ Earsonics EM10 reviewed at Headphone List

+ Kinera H3 reviewed also at Headphone List ~ a busy week there 🙂

+ Fender FXA9 are found to be soulless by The Verge

+ KZ ZS5 video review at DMS3 TV (5 mins)

+ Final Audio’s E2000 get hyped at The Verge


Hifiman rolled out their new collaboration with Massdrop this week, the HE-4XX, based on previous HE-4XX [arghhhhh, why is Massdrop hijacking common wildcard naming conventions] headphones 🙂 Tyll opines on his measurements, and more action happens in the Comments over there.

+ Meze 99 NEO reviewed at Carrot Reviews and they also get a 20-minute video at Z-Reviews

+ 24 minute video on the Sony MDR-1000X bluetooth over-ears at Z Reviews

+ and right here, we had a text and pictures unboxing of the Sony RF-995-RK RF-wireless headphones


Confused about Bluetooth 5.0 and Android Oregano? (okay, Android 8.0 but until Google gives it an official O-name, everything is fair game). Jerry at Android Central has a nice primer to help you get up to speed.