This Week In Headphoolia #14 (up to 5/28/17)

Another week flew by, here’s our new weekly round-up that is “This Week in Headphoolia”. You can check previous (and future) editions using the Headphoolia Archives. Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments of what else you like to see here!


Second best thing to actually going is looking at all the nice pictures from the comfort of your home or office, without having to lift a finger (okay, you have to lift a finger to click on the link and scroll the page).

Headphonia was there at the 2017 High End Munich show and posted two detailed and visual blog-reports, here is Part #1 and here is Part #2. Enjoy 🙂

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This Week In Headphoolia #13 (ending 5/21/17)

Another week flew by, and with it we have a new edition of our weekly round-up. You can find previous editions (and future ones in the future) in the Headphoolia archives


JDS Labs took to their own blog to opine that their new Element is not an O2 in a shiny shell. Pictures, charts and data are included!

What is Isolation? The SoundGuys YouTube channel take a 5-minute stab at explaining it.

If you missed Metal571’s live YouTube Q&A, fear not, it is saved on YouTube (except for the Live Chat, which YouTube does not save). You can watch all two hours of it at any time you want.

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This Week in Headphoolia (up to 5/13/17)

Another week is in the books, and so here we have another installment of our weekly round-up. You can catch up to previous installments in the Headphoolia Archives

Windows Store gets Spotify and iTunes

Microsoft is executing a powerplay with Windows this month. The launch of “Windows 10 S” gave new momentum to the Windows Store, and this week at the MS Build 2017 conference, Microsoft revealed that two of the most high profile music-related apps will soon become available through the Windows store, iTunes and Spotify.

On the other hand, Groove Music team members may be crying, perhaps sending out resumes to their old friends from the Zune and Xbox Music teams 🙂 Microsoft is not very musical it seems 🙂

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This Week in Headphoolia #11 (up to 5/7/17)

Time won’t stand still! RUSH, like most Canadians, are always right 🙂 Another week flew by. No big news this week but plenty of review action. I am including a mix of video and text, since different people have different preferences, and read this at work (text is better) or at home where the Wifi rivers flow unimpeded…


On the Meta front, the very busy Headfi forums received an unpopular and confusing forum software update. The forum founder posted a detailed update explaining why. TL;DR: the company making their previous forum software is shutting down. Back to USENET? 🙂


Xiaomi confessed to Android Central why they removed the headphone jack from their new Mi 6 smartphone, giving USB-C audio their vote of confidence.

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