Smartphones with Bluetooth 5

LATEST UPDATE: August 1, 2017 – we have a second conditional Bluetooth 5 smartphone, the HTC U11 joins the Motorola FORCE 2. They will get BT 5.0 once Android 8.0 (O) arrives on those devices. This is not magic, the Snapdragon 835 supports Bluetooth 5.0 in hardware, the phone and OS has to provide the software support 🙂

Bluetooth is a tug of war between convenience and compression. Some vow never to use it on the grounds of the additional compression step. Others will under certain circumstances. Certainly, after one ruins enough headphones and earphones during specific tasks and activities, one may be more inclined to give bluetooth a chance, at least during those activities.

Which brings us to Bluetooth 5, a point of hope and hype that you can listen over bluetooth without noticeably sacrificing audio quality. It is too early to tell as of June 2017, as we only have a couple of smartphones and no headphones supporting Bluetooth 5. But IFA is just around the corner, and so is CES 2018, so we should expect more action on this front in the next few months.

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