Top 50 best rated headphones at Amazon (by customer reviews)

We start this new blog with the wisdom of the crowds. We take a look at the top 50 best rated headphones at based on customer reviews. The ranking is provided by Amazon using their proprietary algorithms that balance the number of reviews with the review rating. For example, a headphone with three 5-star reviews will not be ahead of a headphone with 1200 reviews and a 4.7 rating. Historically 1200 reviews are more credible than 3 reviews, so it can filter out review shenanigans and over-ear fanboys/fangirls!

The different colors and options of an individual product typically have their own individual Amazon product pages. Most of the time they often share the same pool of reviews. So the reviews of the red, green, or blue color of a headphone will go to the same review pool. However, in some other cases, each option may have its own review pool. This is how the listings are set up by Amazon, and it is beyond my control.

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