Unboxing the Sony WH-CH700N Bluetooth and ANC headphones

I am still trying to iron out how to organize “headphone reviews” but in the meantime, we have another one of our customary “text and pictures unboxing”. This time it is the Sony WH-CH700N headphone, a bluetooth and ANC combo, with 3.5mm playback as well…

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Headphones to Avoid: Sony RF-995-RK Wireless RF

We are starting a new series here at this blog, the “Headphones to Avoid”. A lot of audio publications, websites, forums, and enthusiasts are quick to profusely praise, but it’s crickets when it comes to criticize. However, if it is fair to praise a product, it is also fair to criticize a product. In this series we spotlight headphones that have issues that would make them deal killers for potential buyers.

The first headphone to be “featured” is the Sony RF-995-RK Wireless RF. This is a headphone system of a transmitter/base and a headset, not unlike the Sennheiser RS-series. The RF-995 is well-made and all the good stuff, however, it fails at its #1 job: wireless audio. It has trouble keeping a connection running. Even minor movements of the body or head cause it to make “clicking” sounds. Whether you are listening to music or watching a movie or TV show, this is very annoying and distracting.

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New Sony headphones at CES 2018

Sony released a number of new headphonalia at CES 2018, so they are getting their own post, so as not to overwhelm our main CES 2018 round-up

Sony reveals 2nd generation MDR-1A

Sony is back with a second generation model of their MDR-1A, and the new model has the goofy naming scheme they also used on the 1000X second generation model. The new model is the MDR-1AM2, or to make sense of it, let’s call it MDR-1A M2 🙂 It is a closed-back over-ear headphone with detachable cables (3.5mm and balanced are included) and a starting price of $300. The Sony press release claims this is lighter than the first generation model.

Per the specifications section of their product page these are 16 ohm headphones with 98 dB / mW sensitivity and a numbers-gone-wild frequency response range of 3 to 100,000 hertz 🙂

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Unboxing the Sony RF-995-RK Wireless RF Headphones

We continue our Practical Unboxing series of text and pictures that try to give you a look at what you will receive when you buy a specific pair of headphones. The sample unit for the Sony RF-995-RK Wireless RF headphones is here, and in this post, we find out what’s included…


The headphones are packaged in a printed cardboard container with the usual Sony marketing messages. Opening the box is easy, you just need to slice the sticker dot and open up the cardboard clasps.

Once opened, and you flip the top, you see the headphones in protective padding. The ruler is not included in the box obviously, but as you can see, this is not a tiny headphone box 🙂

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