Unboxing the Brainwavz Memory Foam Earpads

On its face, unboxing may sound like a goofy thing. However, it is the most objective part of a review, and it can help people who are interested in knowing exactly what they are getting when they buy something. It can also be helpful to people buying used, so they can compare what’s offered versus what the new condition product would include…

Which brings us to our customary “text and pictures unboxing” of the Brainwavz Audio Earpads, of the memory foam kind. I bought these while they were on lightning deal, while posting the Gold Box round-up on our deals blog. The ones you see below are the brown color scheme.


  • two earpads
  • a reseable/reusable envelope (that they ship in)
  • color paper explaining their line-up
  • that’s it, nothing else is included

Taking them out of their envelope, and here they are:


The packaging is resealable. Don’t throw it away! Use it to store these or any other earpads that fit inside. Or use it for anything else, accessories, etc…


A colorful piece of paper explains the Brainwavz earpad line-up. The ones you see here are the Standard version, in the brown color scheme…


As of the time of writing this, I haven’t used them yet, and I haven’t decided which headphone will get them first. More on how they do in a future post…