Reading Suggestion: PopSci’s “The Noise Issue”

And we are baaack! Silver lining of the coronavirus, after 20 months we are reactivating on this blog! While I am working on new content, here’s something interesting to read if you had previously missed it…

The “The Noise Issue” of the Popular Science magazine has a total of 32 sound and audio related articles You can look at the list of articles at their website with excerpts for all. A few of them are in full even, a couple of which I linked to down below…

You can find the issue with the full articles if your local library includes digital magazine subscriptions or you can read it if you have a Netflix-style digital magazine subscription or you can digitally buy the single-issue online, or look for it on eBay and such.

Of potential interest to headphonalia:

  • the secret to noise cancelling headphones
  • McIntosh’s audio gear factory
  • mondegreens, why you mishear song lyrics {apart from singers not singing clearly I presume}
  • earplugs for everyday solutions
  • hidden hearing loss hitting people of all ages
  • Pete Hutchinson restores old music
  • ASMR, mechanical keyboards,early recordings, crying babies [no, not on the audio forums!], mysterious sounds, Stradivarius, surround sound, the frog’s …sound signature and MORE

The word of the day is definitely “mondegreens” 🙂