This Week In Headphoolia #22: Can Jam 2017 London, and more (up to 7/22/17)

Now that we are in “Game Of Thrones” season, these will be posted on Saturdays instead of Sundays. It makes things easier 🙂 This is installment #22 of “This Week in Headphoolia”, a semi-humorous round-up of the week that was in the world of headphones. You can find the previous 21 installments in the Headphoolia archives.

The soundtrack for this week’s installment is the new Coldplay EP Kaleidoscope on repeat (more of a punishment really), streaming through the smartphone to the Philips SHP9500S.


CAN JAM 2017 happened in London, and The Headphone List was there, sharing some of their experience in text and pictures at their website!

Also there was AORNIC, giving us nice glimpses of the show in a 17 minute video which you can also find YouTube-embedded below…

There are a few more videos only so far, here’s a YouTube search query that shows other videos that were posted “This Week”.


+ Audioquest Dragonfly Black at Archimago’s


A new installment in the Q&A series from Headfonia, this time they talk to (text and pictures) Chord Electronics, makers of the Mojo with its adorkable marble buttons.

There are various videos with snippets of having custom in-ears made on YouTube, but Innerfidelity decided to give the world a more rounded look, with a “start to finish video” of getting Ultimate Ears Custom IEMs made. It is a 15 minute video.

Headfonia is spotlighting their 2013 how-to article, how to make your very own headphone cable (text and pictures post).


+ 12 minute video review and comparison with the Sennheiser HD650 of the Philips SHP9500S hype train by METAL 571

+ Mitchell and Johnson MJ2 review at Headfonia

+ the Verge is not the only one of the tech websites that reviews headphones. The more critically acclaimed (in terms of technology cred) Ars Technica takes a look at the Blue Microphones Ella powered planars

+ Samsung Level PRO bluetooth On-Ears review at Android Central


+ Audeze iSine 20 Planar Earphone review at Innerfidelity along with accompanying 13 minute video

+ speaking of custom IEMs, Ars Technica UK opines on UE and Decibullz.

+ V-Moda Forza bluetooth earphones reviewed at Headfonia

+ RHA M750i review by Carrot Reviews

+ Fostex TE100 IEM review at Part Time Audiophile

+ MEE M7 PRO earphone review at Porta FI (11 min video)

+ TY Hi-Z HP-650 review by Headfonics

+ Magaosi K3 HD in-ears review at The Headphone List

DAPs, DACs, and AMPs

+ If you like Z-Reviews, you are in luck! A new 1.5 hour video (that’s 90 minutes) talks DAPs, more specifically the Fiio X5 III, Shanling M1, and Hidizs AP60

+ 25 minute video on the Fiio X7 DAP by Currawong


Musicians too are experimenting with streaming services. The Aphex Twin, in collaboration with his record label has launched a streaming service of his own music. It is free to listen, but they also offer the option to purchase the music and assorted official merchandise. And it had to be 8-bit graphics 🙂 You can play straight from a web browser. The playback bar is hidden behind the Accept the Cookies thing. Once you accept the cookies, you’ll see the playback bar underneath it.

With industry giants battling it out in the world of streaming, many want to support the small/smaller guy. But the small/smaller guy has to help themselves by not shooting themselves on their digital feet. The Verge catalogues the Soundcloud business model disaster.

We’ll leave you with an hour or two of music videos! Syfy, the recently rebooted website for the Syfy TV network (formerly known as Scifi, known for occasionally producing science fiction TV shows) has put together a list of 32 sci-fi music videos. In their opinion of course 🙂