PSA: Amazon will delete your personally uploaded mp3s (unless you take action)

Google is more famous for letting you upload up to 10,000 of your own songs and merge them with your own Google Music digital purchases AND the Google Music subscription (if subscribed). But Amazon has a similar feature, but it won’t be having it after April 30 in 2018.

If you have any music uploaded to Amazon’s music servers and want to keep it, you have to take action:

  1. manually go to your Amazon Account page (on the website/web browser)
  2. locate the “Music Settings” and expand it
  3. press the “Keep My Songs” button
    1. There is no charge for this. If you don’t do this by April 30 in 2018, they will be deleted.

      I’m not sure what happens if you have over 250 songs uploaded. I had under 250 and it worked – well, the click worked 🙂

      If you are not sure whether you have any music uploaded

      To see what music you have uploaded, here are the steps to take:

      1. open the Amazon Music Web Player or music apps
      2. locate the “My Music” section
      3. click on “Imported” and you will see the songs you have uploaded. Or at least the songs their computer servers think you have uploaded.

      If there’s nothing there, you can ignore this, or none of the songs there are unique (eg, you have digital backups or have them at other cloud services, or have the media).

      It’s up to you to decide, there’s no cost…


      To be clear, this change only affects the user-uploaded mp3 files. Any music you purchased with your own money or digital credits or got for free, and any music you have through “Auto RIP” will continue to be available and playable.

      My guess is that this may have to do with record labels and licensing, they may have not come to an agreement for a renewal of their deal or Amazon doesn’t want the headache. This is only speculation on my part! Guessing and crackpot-theorizing!