This Week In Headphoolia, First Edition

This is a brand new (experimental) weekly feature, where we round up some interesting and potentially-interesting and potentially-funny headphone-related action from across the internets…

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The Samsung chief was arrested in South Korea, but that did not discourage the Harman shareholders for voting YES on the Samsung merger. So that’s one more step into the Borgification of Harman. So Samsung will soon have the AKG, Harman, JBL, and Yurbuds brands under their …Galaxy of products (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Meanwhile Spotify is not backing down from bigger companies entering the streaming wars, they are moving their US headquarters to 4 World Trade Center in Manhattan.

Will MQA end up breaking through to the mainstream? The Universal Music Group signed on.

The Mobile World Congress trade show will kick off next week in beautiful Barcelona and already the never-ending LG leaks and revelations point to the upcoming LG G6 flagship having an upgraded 32-bit quad DAC from what was included in the V20 says Android Central.


  • Aornic shares his detailed review in text, pictures, and video of the Focal Utopia
  • If you love a data/charts-driven review, you can dive into Marvey’s review of the Sony MDR-Z1R at Super Best Audio Friends and Foes
  • a product name that sounds like it came out of a singularity scifi-thriller, Verum Sonus looks at the DIY Neurochrome HP-1
  • the 1More Triple Driver IEM hype train rides on, new review at iLounge ~ at least 1More gave it a sensible name, unlike Monoprice 🙂


  • How do you categorize headphones? It’s getting more complicated these days – Tyll opens up the topic for discussion and ideas in the Innerfidelity Comments section
  • Super Best Audio Friends have already build up a collection of over 200 headphones measured since they were reborn post-Changstar
  • a headphone-centric discussion, reddit talks Campfire Audio IEMs
  • How to get un-triggerable audiophiles get triggered in 60 seconds or less? Sing the praises of a $3000 cable – Enter Reddit reactions


Never gone to a CanJAM but curious? The Innerfidelity YouTube Channel has eight videos posted so far, and probably more coming! You can also find the parallel blog write-ups at their website.

Rejoice! The Metal571 YouTube channel is active again with monthly content, and this week they have a look at the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO and comparing it to the good old DT 770…

The Fiio X5 III (Third Generation) was one of the new products that generated some excitement at CES 2017 in Vegas, and if you are curious about it, there’s a 14 minute unboxing and first impressions review at the “About Headphones” YouTube channel. Not related to

Never seen how custom in-ears are made, and don’t want to watch a 2-hour documentary? How about 2-minute behind the scenes video from Ultimate Ears PRO?