This Week in Headphoolia #17: Sony Z1R measurefefe (up to 6/17/17)

Another week is in the books, and we have another This Week In Headphoolia round-up. Speaking of round-ups, Father’s Day is always a good time for headphone sales. We rounded up some of them


Headfi published their Sony MDR-Z1R measurements using their own setup powered by GRAS and Audio Precision, and their measurements are noticably different from the Innerfidelity measurements and Tyll discusses the differences at IF.

One next possible step is for the two to exchange headphones and measure them with their own setups. This could partially help resolve the question as to whether the two headphones measured are different, or the difference is in the measurement setups.


Often the price (and relative price) of a consumer good is assumed to have some correlation to the product’s quality. But that’s not always the case. This varies from product category to product category, but needless to say, it’s almost never a linear correlation, audio or not.

Which brings us to a brand new research paper that proclaims that there’s “No correlation between headphone frequency response and retail price”. The charts from this paper are available in higher resolution over there under the “Figures” sub-tab. It is also available as a PDF download [direct link to PDF; six pages].

Both Tyll and the many commenters at Innerfidelity are discussing this, as it correlates (no pun intended?) to the Sony MDR-Z1R discussion.

Remember, the Z1R is a $2300 flagship headphone, not a $230 headphone.


It’s easier to live through to an audio show vicariously although mayhaps not as much fun. Absent a time machine, you can live the Munich high end show, Part #2 of the coverage is now signed, sealed and delivered at Headphone Guru.

Speaking of audio shows, London is getting a CanJAM this year, July 15-16, so check your local Headfi for more details.


If you’ve never been to an actual audio launch event, Fiio posted on their YouTube channel a 28 minute for the launch of their Fiio F5. This is in Chinese without subtitles.


+ 30 minute video on the Schiit Gungnir Multibit DAC at Aornic’s Channel, also YouTube-embedded below
++ Teaser: “there’s a Coke spill in your Gungnir”

+ Simgot EN700 Bass IEMs at Porta FI (11 mins) and DSM TV (4 mins)

+ Z-Reviews talks Hifiman HE-6 (22 mins)

+ Blue Microphones Satellite bluetooth at Sound Guys (7 mins)
++ yes that’s their background music, you are not imaging creepy horror movie music boxes 😉


+ Simgot EN700 Bass IEMs at Headfonics and also The Headphone List

+ three page review of the Campfire Audio Dorado IEMs at Headphone List


Kids are born with a smartphone in their hands these days, and they are “discovering” headphones a lot faster than the pre-smartphone generations. Which makes their headphone journey even more important, both in terms of duration, and also in terms of hearing protection during their earlier years.

With that as an intro, Wirecutter + Engadget posted their Kids Headphones Buying Guide in the customary Wirecutter style.


Despite all the buzz about smartphones losing their headphone jack, it’s only a very small number of them that have so far lost the 3.5mm port. Which ones? This wee we have began a Reference Tracker post that lists the smartphones without a 3.5mm port.

Please leave a comment if you spot omissions or errors and such! Thanks 🙂


Many big names are gunning for Spotify, but it’s still considered the leader, now with over 140 million active users. They have both a paid tier and a free tier, although the free tier is not as “good” as it used to be. But it’s FREE 🙂

Vinyl is not the only thing that’s making a comeback. Small record labels too, and some of the credit for that is given to Spotify and Apple according to Bloomberg.

And now a …think piece! “The Persistence of Prog. Rock” is an article talking Rush, YES, Rush [see what I did there?], and many more!