Repurposing Empty Wallet Boxes as Earphone and DAP cases

From the Repurposing Department, we have another “reuse before recycle” idea. If you have bought or will buy a new wallet in the future, don’t throw away the box it came in! A lot of wallets come in sturdy little boxes that you can repurpose to keep your earphones or even some of your more compact DAPs and even DAC/amps…

Here, as an example, we have a 5 by 4.25 inch empty box, one inch tall when fully closed. The key thing here is to make sure that when you put the earphones or anything else inside, they don’t touch the top of the box when closed. So if there is pressure on the box, the structure of the box will absorb it, and spare the earphones. This of course will do nothing to help if someone jumps on it wearing winter boots 🙂

To get an even better feel for size, I’m including a link to the unboxing posts of each of the earphones pictured below:

We start with the bang for the buck Tennmak PRO in-ears [unboxing], their hype train is small enough it can fit in the box 😉

What can you put inside with room to spare? How about the Klipsch S4 earphones [unboxing]?

You can also put the earphones in their own case, and then the case inside the repurposed box for double the protection:

Next up we have a Rosewill EX-series earphone [unboxing] in its own little pouch sitting nicely inside:

But it’s not just earphones. Here is the chunky Fiio X1 digital audio player [unboxing], the first generation, sitting inside the Fiio X1 skin:

But every box has its limits. For example, the good old KOSS KSC-75 clip-ons [unboxing] are too tall to fit comfortably inside. The box will close but not properly, so any pressure on the closed box will first go on the earcups. And that’s bad! But they can still protect them from dust and curious eyes 🙂

The above is just one example. The sky is the limit. Some wallets may come with metal or wood cases. Some may be tall but not wide, others may wide but not tall, and so on. Experiment and use common sense, a strategy that works well for many things in life 🙂