Unboxing the KOSS KSC-75 clip-on earphones

I found these on clearance at a brick and mortar store and I felt that I had to “rescue” them, they are mayhaps the third most famous KOSS headphone, the KSC-75 clip-on earphones!


  • the clip-on earphones
  • paperwork
  • these and nothing more (well, except for the packaging)

They arrive in a compact packaging, made to hold them safely inside. The rolled paperwork falls out when you pull out the tray with the earphones…

Here’s the little gelatinous-type tray with the earphones and the rolled paperwork:

And here’s a close-up of the outer side of the earcup:

And a close-up of the inside of the earcup along with the built-in earhook that holds them onto your ears. As you can see, it is semi-transparent, you can see the continuation of the metal clip/hook inside:


The headphone plug is straight, with two rings, so no mic/remote. After all, these were made long before smartphones 🙂


The official specifications are printed on the back of the box. It’s a 4 foot cable, a two-ring 3.5mm (meaning on remote control function), 60 ohm impedance, and such.

Even though they are a $15 earphone, they still come with the famous KOSS limited lifetime warranty, as confirmed by the back of the box: