New Headphones at CES 2018

And here we are again! Another CES 2018 trade show is upon us and with it we have another wave of new headphones. Some are revealed in Las Vegas at the trade show, but that’s not all. A lot of the smaller audio companies can’t afford the lavishness of Vegas, but they also announce new products to coincidence with CES, and of course the start of a new year.

LATEST UPDATE: 1/15/18 at 6:30pm ET: CES 2018 may be over, but I continue to slowly add new headphones to this list…


AKG launches $1000 N5005 IN-EARS

Top prices continue to keep pushing up with both over/on-ears and in-ears, so $1000 earphones are no longer the big shocker they used to be. Still a shocker to the wallet to be sure though 🙂 Per the press release the new AKG N5005 have five drivers (quad BA and 9.2mm), four sound filters (including a “reference” option), two detachable cables, various eartips, carrying case and such. They also come with a bluetooth dongle, so fans of bluetooth will not feel left out 🙂

The press release also cites this research paper by Sean Olive and friends, “A Statistical Model that Predicts Listeners’ Preference Ratings of In-Ear Headphones”. The paper is behind a membership/pay-wall. I do not know if local libraries provide access to AES (Audio Engineering Society) research papers.

They have a 1.5 minute YouTube video showing multiple views/angles of the earphones.

The AKG High Res Audio page also mentions the N25 and N30 models which are available in Japan but show as a non-committal “coming soon” at the US AKG website.

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Unboxing the Symphonized NRG 2.0 In-Ears

After posting about them one too many times in our deals blog (they are frequently part of the gold box lightning deals), I gave in to the temptation and picked up the Symphonized NRG 2.0 Earphones. They just arrived, so here I go, in record turnaround time posting the unboxing post. I haven’t yet listened to them, so opinions on how they sound will come in a separate post in the future…

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New Audio Technica Headphones at CES 2018

Just like Monoprice, Audio Technica revealed a handful of new headphones in Vegas at CES 2018, so I am posting them in their own post, so they won’t overwhelm our already growing CES headphones round-up. So here we go…


Audio Technica definitely got a foothold with the M50/M50x line of products, but now they want to make inroads into the lucrative (in terms of profit margins) but heavily contested ANC/BT over-ear combos. Their new ATH-ANC 700 BT is just that, with Bluetooth 4.1, 40mm drivers, touch controls, built-in rechargeable battery, ability to play 3.5mm music as well, and support for apt-X, AAC and SBC.

They charge via micro-USB, and have a starting price of $199 in either black or gray. Based on their battery life estimates, bluetooth eats up battery faster than ANC. They fold and come with a carrying case, a 3.5mm audio cable, and a charging USB cable. There is no mention of NFC in the specs or press release.

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Monoprice Headphone Big Bang at CES 2018

Monoprice revealed so many new headphone products at CES 2018 that I am putting them in their own posts, otherwise they would overwhelm our Headphones at CES 2018 round-up…


  • M1060C and M565C Closed-Back Planar Over-Ears
  • new Stage Right studio headphones
  • Monoprice portable USB DAC/amp
  • Monolith THX portable head-amp
  • Monolith Desktop THX DAC/amp
  • Monster 20.5lb Tube Headphone amp

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