This Week In Headphoolia #25 (up to 8/12/17)

Time flew again, and we have a new edition of This Week in Headphoolia, a semi-humorous attempt to round up some of the action in the world of headphones. Just like the last few weeks, things are grouped by product type instead of medium. But videos will be easily pointed out for those reading at work or prefer text…


Fiio is taking product launches to the masses with a 2-hour video of their latest product launch event. The audio is in Chinese with english subtitles. This is human-edited translation, not YouTube’s helter skelter automated one. The launch features a number of products including the F9 triple-driver IEMs along with Q and X series products. You can also find the video YouTube-embedded below:


+ Sennheiser HD 4.40 Bluetooth Over-Ear review at Inner Fidelity with companion 9 minute video

+ 23 minute video talking Sony MDR-Z1R at Z Reviews

+ AKG K812 review at Verum Sonus

+ AKG N60 NC review at Innerfidelity

+ V-Moda Crossfade II bluetooth review at Android Central

+ Kennerton Vali review at Verum Sonus


+ Q&A with Noble Audio at Headfonia (text)

+ Noble Audio Sage review at Headhpone List

+ IEM Shootout Part IV (no IEMs were harmed in the making of the video) at Z Reviews (33 mins)

+ Audio Technica E40 vs LS50iS at Lachlan Likes a thing (18 mins)

+ LZ Big Dipper review at Headfonia

+ Campfire Vega at Audio Head

+ TFZ Exclusive 5 review at Headphone List

+ Dodocool 3D earphonre review at Headphone List
+ perhaps there is method to the madness with all the goofy headphone names – they stand out 🙂


+ Antion ModMic 5 video review by METAL 571 (7 mins)

+ Hidizs AP200 DAP review at Headfonics

+ Cayin’s iDAC-6 and iHA-6 combo review at Headfonics

+ Chord Hugo 2 at Headfonia

+ Yulong DA9 DAC/amp video review at PORTA FI (12 mins)
+ this is not a wulong/oolong tea – do NOT drink it 🙂

+ iFi iEMatch binaural video review at miceblue425 (20 mins)

+ I suppose a PC is a DAC, Amp and DAP all in one, so here is an Innerfidelity sound-priority review of the Dell XPS 27 All-In-One computer 🙂
+ this is a $2500+ model, not a basic All In One 🙂


+ headphone meet impressions at Verum Sonus
+ history of Beats headphones at Sound Guys (5 mins)

+ you can finally save your own choice of music videos for Offline listening with the YouTube Music app – via Android Central


+ Controversy: The Single Speaker Dem Myth at Stereophile

+ 10 minute silent song climbing the iTunes charts at Engadget

+ poor Zune, it didn’t make the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it ended up being a deleted scene