This Week in Headphoolia #15 (up to 6/4/17): Grado goes Metal and Maple in new $2700 Flagship

Another week flew by, here’s our new weekly round-up that is “This Week in Headphoolia”, covering up to Sunday 6/4/17. You can check previous (and future) editions using the Headphoolia Archives. Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments of what else you like to see here!

The Flagship Mania Gets to Grado

The $Flagship$ Mania of 2016 continues rolling into 2017, with Grado now joining the party with their brand new PS2000e Metal and Maple (but no maple syrup) headphone. It is revealed and teased at the official Grado blog.

And as fate would have it, this week Engadget posted a text, lots of pictures and a 7-minute video multimedia post entitled “Inside Grado Labs”, going back to the beginnings of the company.


+ another IEM that is generating buzz in the bang-for-the-buck category, the Tenmark PRO IEM is reviewed at Headphonesty

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+ not to be confused with the older Fiio E5 portable head-amp!

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+ I can understand having limited space in the print magazine, but you can write as much as you want on the web because the “internet paper” is unlimited 🙂

+ here at this blog, an unboxing of the Rosewill EX-700 IEMs

DAC, AMP, and DAP reviews

+ it took a while since its announcement, but it’s now out, RHA’s Dacamp L1 is reviewed at Headfonics

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Metal571 is back with a new 12-minute video review of the Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00 Ebony (but no Ivory).

+ 12-minute of the Shozy Alien+ DAP by Porta FI

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+ 12-minute First impressions video on the Hifiman HE-560 with Lachlan and Friend


In this new 13 minute video, Steve Guttenberg declares “I Am An Audiophile”, recalling his personal history and origins story.


Long and detailed post on Vinyl (LP) fidelity by Archimago. Sergeant Pepper and his Lonely Heart are also discussed in the post. This is post best read when your brain is in prime shape during the day 🙂