Logitech scoops up another headphone company, Blue Mic

The Logitech monster is hungry! The mice are hungry for some more headphones 🙂 A couple of years ago Logitech scooped up Jaybird, makers of bluetooth earphones of the non-budget kind. Now they’ve opened their checkbook again and paid almost 2.5 times as much as they did for Jaybird to buy another company that makes headphones, Blue Microphones.

Blue is more famous to the general population for their microphones, but they also have a line-up of triple figure headphones of the powered kind. Their current headphone line-up is headlined by the Ella (obviously a reference to Ms Fitzgerald), a $700 planar-magnetic model.

The official Blue Mic blog writes that the company will continue to operate as it is and they have new products in the works. None of the other headphone properties under the Logitech umbrella compete with the rather spartan Blue Mic line-up, so that’s good news for the Sadie and Ella and Lola and MoFi 🙂

More details via Techmeme, an easy and nearly ad-free way to keep up with the latest tech news 🙂