Unboxing the VE Monk Plus Earbuds (red)

Temptation won, and the price was definitely right (under $9 delivered), so I jumped on the red VE Monk earbud bandwagon! These are true earbud, I haven’t put on earbuds for so long, I forgot how they feel, muscle-memory wants to put them inside the ear :)… UPDATE: for more these earbuds, check our on-going diary-style review

NOTE: the one unboxed here is the red color scheme!


I purchased them from Massdrop, and they arrived in a typical 9×7 inch bubble mailer, with Massdrop logo tape on the back. The earbuds are in the black shiny pack, which one may confuse for snacks at a food market 🙂



What’s In The Bag?

And now a trio of pictures of the “snack bag”, front, back and then a close-up of all the text written on the back. The model name “MONK PLUS” is written on the front side and the bottom of the back side. The color is indicated by a red top on the top of the front.



Here’s a close-up of the text written on the back side of the bag:

The bag opens like a snack, you don’t have to cut it up, just pull at the seams and it opens. The picture below takes a peak at what’s inside, you are looking at the text on the back from the inside of the bag:


And voila, here what’s in the bag:


  • The Red Earbuds
  • a reseable bag with the two color options for earbud covers
  • a twisty tie that holds the earbuds together
  • nothing else 🙂

Earbuds Close-Up

Sizing them up, their diameter is under 2cm (this is the CM side of the ruler).


This is a more detailed look at the earbud surface, I shone a flashlight on it, that’s what gives it the cooler/blue hue, it is NOT blue:


This is the outer side of the earbud, that’s where the red lives, and the Monk names appear. That’s also where you have the L and R engraved, and that’s the only way to be able to tell Left from Right. The one below is the “L” (they are hanging upside down in the picture)


Here’s a side view (the ruler in in Centimeters (CM)):


Cable Matters

If you plan to use it with cases or other unusual scenarios, here’s a measured close-up of the plug. As you can see it’s only two rings, there’s no mic/remote on this.


What may look as a mic/remote is just the point where the cable splits into two and goes into your ears. There is a little tab you can move up and down to adjust the split point. Before and after pictures below:



I took pictures right as I took them out of the box, the cable is a curly so the measurement below is approximate, this is the length from the point it goes into the earbud to the tip below, around 45 inches (under 4 feet).