This Week in Headphoolia #18: Neutrality discussion, Focal has a new consumer line-up, and more (up to 6/25/17)

Don’t look at the calendar now but we are exactly at the halfway point to Christmas! Time sure does fly. Time to start preparing gift lists 🙂

15 minute YouTube video, which you can also find YouTube-embedded below:

FOCAL refreshes their consumer headphones line-up

Focal has the biggest expansion so far of their consumer headphone line-up, coming on the heels of their two high-end headphones (ELEAR and UTOPIA). They have an over-ear bluetooth headphone, along with a mix of new wired and bluetooth earphones…

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Unboxing the Monoprice Desktop Headphone Amp (PID 11567)

We have a brand new detailed unboxing post for you today! I purchased this with mine own money (that’s a GRRM-ism) when it was on sale at the Monoprice website. It is the Monoprice Desktop Headphone DAC/amp, with the unceremonious model name number of 11567. PID is just Product ID, it is not part of the name 🙂

The unboxing post below is in timeline order. We start with a sealed box and proceed to remove things out of boxes. Because there are many boxes 🙂 Opinion on how it performs and other measurements (weight, cable length, etc) will be in the upcoming review. Please feel free to yell at me if it doesn’t get posted in the future 🙂

On the pictures: please forgive the “potato pictures”. If I wait until I can take perfect pictures, nothing will ever get done and posted 🙂 I am using a lighting contraption with an LED light strip up top ~ you see that in the second picture below. I left it in the picture so you’ll know it’s that ~ you see parts of it in some of the other pictures below that may appear strange and out of the blue 🙂


+ Outside the Box
+ Inside the Box
+ The actual Monoprice DAC/Amp

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This Week in Headphoolia #17: Sony Z1R measurefefe (up to 6/17/17)

Another week is in the books, and we have another This Week In Headphoolia round-up. Speaking of round-ups, Father’s Day is always a good time for headphone sales. We rounded up some of them


Headfi published their Sony MDR-Z1R measurements using their own setup powered by GRAS and Audio Precision, and their measurements are noticably different from the Innerfidelity measurements and Tyll discusses the differences at IF.

One next possible step is for the two to exchange headphones and measure them with their own setups. This could partially help resolve the question as to whether the two headphones measured are different, or the difference is in the measurement setups.


Often the price (and relative price) of a consumer good is assumed to have some correlation to the product’s quality. But that’s not always the case. This varies from product category to product category, but needless to say, it’s almost never a linear correlation, audio or not.

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This Week In Headphoolia #16 (up to 6/11/17)

Time won’t stand still and another week zoomed by, which brings us to a new installment of our weekly round-up, aptly (?) named This Week in Headphoolia (all previous, and future editions there)…


+ three days of coverage of the Los Angeles Audio Show at Stereophile

+ part #1 of the High End Munich Audio show at Headphone Guru


The videos in this segment compare and contrast open versus closed headphones. Before you scream “apples vs oranges”, note that one can compare anything with anything ~ as long as one understands what they are comparing 🙂

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This Week in Headphoolia #15 (up to 6/4/17): Grado goes Metal and Maple in new $2700 Flagship

Another week flew by, here’s our new weekly round-up that is “This Week in Headphoolia”, covering up to Sunday 6/4/17. You can check previous (and future) editions using the Headphoolia Archives. Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments of what else you like to see here!

The Flagship Mania Gets to Grado

The $Flagship$ Mania of 2016 continues rolling into 2017, with Grado now joining the party with their brand new PS2000e Metal and Maple (but no maple syrup) headphone. It is revealed and teased at the official Grado blog.

And as fate would have it, this week Engadget posted a text, lots of pictures and a 7-minute video multimedia post entitled “Inside Grado Labs”, going back to the beginnings of the company.

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