Unboxing the Vivian Acrylic Headphone Stand

I needed to get a clear headphone stand to make pictures of headphones for blog-purchases more useful (you can see more of the headphone instead of the stand), so I picked up the Vivian Acrylic Headphone Stand in the Clear color scheme. It arrived a few hours ago, and this is the unboxing post. A review will come later on after I use it for a while…

They arrive in a sturdy unbranded cardbox box. The only thing on it is a white Amazon sticker that has the Amazon product code and bar code. On that sticker, it says “Made in China”

The box is easy to open with your fingers, and it looks solid enough you can easily reuse it for other purposes, or keep this stand in there.

Inside there’s the headphone stand in a protective clear open-ended bag. No tape or sticky things, you just take it out of the bag…

THE STAND on its own

This is the headphone stand …standing [sorry, I couldn’t resist]:

And here is a top view:


Here we put on the Philips SHP-9500S headphones on. They are open-back over-ear, fully extended headband on both sides, and with the headphone cable on. As you can see, it’s a comfortable fit.

And a top view, there’s plenty of room width-wide, and the SPH-9500S headband is about 1.5 inches wide.


When I say clear, I mean clear! Granted, these are out of the box, unused and untouched. This is a side view of the headband. The box of crackers is behind both legs of the stand, so you are “seeing it” through two clear legs…