New Audio Technica Headphones at CES 2018

Just like Monoprice, Audio Technica revealed a handful of new headphones in Vegas at CES 2018, so I am posting them in their own post, so they won’t overwhelm our already growing CES headphones round-up. So here we go…


Audio Technica definitely got a foothold with the M50/M50x line of products, but now they want to make inroads into the lucrative (in terms of profit margins) but heavily contested ANC/BT over-ear combos. Their new ATH-ANC 700 BT is just that, with Bluetooth 4.1, 40mm drivers, touch controls, built-in rechargeable battery, ability to play 3.5mm music as well, and support for apt-X, AAC and SBC.

They charge via micro-USB, and have a starting price of $199 in either black or gray. Based on their battery life estimates, bluetooth eats up battery faster than ANC. They fold and come with a carrying case, a 3.5mm audio cable, and a charging USB cable. There is no mention of NFC in the specs or press release.

DSR technology goes neckband

Audio T’s proprietary DSR “Pure Digital Drive” technology is now moving to neckband bluetotoh earphones as well with the brand new ATH-DSR5BT. They support apt-X HD, apt-X, AAC, and the good old lowest common denominator SBC codecs. Bluetooth is version 4.1, as bluetooth 5.0 is only found in phones but not headphones so far [as far as I can tell]. These too charge via microUSB, and have a starting price of $399.


“Solid Bass”, their line of products is bass-priority as the name suggests, has two new models under the WS-series. These are bluetooth but can play music from a 3.5mm input as well as bluetooth over the ether.

The ATH-WS990-BT starts at $249, while the ATH-WS660-BT starts at $149 and will be available in two color options.

They have 53mm drivers, support Blueotooth 4.1 with apt-X, AAC and SBC support. They have a built-in rechargeable battery. Their impedance, when used in wired mode is 30 and 38 ohm respectively. They are closed-back over-ears.

The WS990BT also features ANC and “Hear Through” even though there’s no ANC mention in its model name. With these too, the battery life estimate is longer with ANC instead of bluetooth. But if both are turned on at the same time, the battery estimate is lower than either one individually.


And an on-ear model now, the ATH-S200BT, this too is a bluetooth 4.1 but with only SBC support and yet a $79 price. They will be available in multiple colors, with a built-in battery, they fold flat. From the looks of it, it does not have 3.5mm playback though.


Another $69 model, the ATH-CK200BT earphones support Bluetooth 4.1 but with only the SBC codec. They have a built-in battery and will be available in various colors.


More bluetooth action, this time on the earphone front, with a trio of new models in the Sound Reality series, under the CKR line. The new models are the ATH-CKR75BT, CKR55BT and CKR35BT, with prices of $149, $99 and $69 respectively. The first two support apt-X and AAC, while the 35 model only supports AAC. Qualcomm’s licensing cuts into profit margins 🙂 The specs do not mention which version of bluetooth these support. They are available in different color schemes.


On the exercise bluetooth front, AT has two new Sonic Sport earphones, the ATH-SPORT70BT and ATH-SPORT50BT, with IPX5 waterproof certification, and starting prices of $129 and $69 respectively, and a nebulous “Spring 2018” release estimate. They are available in multiple colors and come with Bluetooth 4.1, The 70BT supports AAC (and SBC since it is the bluetooth lowest common denominator), while the 50BT only supports SBC.


A new turntable was born at CES as well, the new AT-LP7 with a starting price of $799 when it becomes available, estimated to be March 2018. Definitely an upgrade over the “suitcase turntables” 🙂


The ATH-AD500X flagship was previously announced by Audio Technica, but it’s obviously also getting the spotlight at CES 2018 because it’s a flagship model. It has an official price of $1999. It is the only headphone of this lot that does not have bluetooth 🙂

These were ushered out in late 2017 and featured at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Auto Fest among other places.

That’s why they are not included in our “new headphones” of CES 2018 round-ups, since they had already been revealed/released.